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The Message (1976)

(I think this movie was way ahead of its time. Being done in the 70s it clearly and accurately depicits the beginning of Islam.) It is the 7th Century in Mecca, where powerful leaders are in conflict with Muhammad who attacks their way of life and the injustice it produces. After seeing a vision of the Angel Gabriel, Mohammad calls the people of Mecca to cast aside the 300 idols of the Kaaba and worship only one God. Despite bitter opposition from the leaders of Mecca, Mohammad and his faithful followers meet secretly to listen to the revelations of the word of God. The leaders respond with persecution, forcing the Muslims to leave Mecca and take sanctuary in Medina. After a revelation from God, Mohammad agrees to take arms against Mecca and battle until more and more people are converted to the emerging religion and ready to accept the prophet. Then the idols of Kaaba are destroyed and the holy place is dedicated to the worship of one God. Muhammad is the Prophet ... the Messenger of God.
The Message is an epic in the true sense of the word. It took six years to prepare and over one year to film. (1976)

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The Message- (In urdu - Paigham-e-Azeem) - Page -
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Muhammad - The Last Prophet [2004] [DVDrip-DivX] Animation

Its being called the first animated film by Muslims to premiere in North America. 'Muhammad: The Last Prophet' aims to tell the story of Islam to a new generation of Muslims here and give Westerners a more positive depiction of the Middle East than the one they get on their nightly news.

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Download - Part I - 269 MB
Download - Part 2 - 268 MB


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Al Nasser Salah Ad-Din (Saladin)

Al Nasser Salah Al-Din (Saladin) is a good movies about the great Knight Salah Al-Din (Saladin) who fight the Crusades in the middle ages.

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Watch the Movie Online:
google.Part1(Run Time: 1:10 hour) or Youtube Part1
google.Part2(Run Time: 1:10 hour) or Youtube Part2

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Islam: Empire of Faith [2000]

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Islam - Empire Of Faith [Part I] 'The Messenger' - 547 MB
Islam - Empire Of Faith [Part II] 'The Awakening' - 520 MB
Islam - Empire Of Faith [Part III]'The Ottomans' - 528 MB


IslamEmpireOfFaith(1of3)TheMessenger.avi 699.08 mb

IslamEmpireOfFaith(2of3)TheAwakening.avi 699.41 mb

IslamEmpireOfFaith(3of3)TheOttomans.avi 699.03 mb


Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Legacy of a Prophet - DVD Rip

EXCELLENT QUALITY PBS documentary DVD Rip, A lively, thorough, and revealing portrait of Muhammad, the man and the Prophet. It takes viewers not only to the world of 7th century Arabia to examine the life and history of the man whom Muslims consider to be the last prophet, but also looks into the homes, mosques, and workplaces of some of America's seven million Muslims to discover the many ways in which Muslims today continue to follow Muhammad's example. Especially relevant in a post 9-11 world, this film shows a side of Islam and Muslims that is rarely encountered on the television screen. (120 minutes)

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2 Part Split
Part 1of 2 - 343 MB
Part 2of 2 - 375 MB


Muhammad-LegacyOfAProphet.avi 697.05 mb


The Boy & The King - The Story Of Obaid

File: Avi/Divx
Language: English
Size: 661mb
Length: 1hr28min

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The Boy & The King - The Legend Of Obaid 311.0 MB 509.9 MB 321.1 MB

Lion Of The Desert
Lion of the Desert is the dramatic action epic of the struggle of Omar Mukhtar, leader of the Muslim resistance in North Africa in the 1920’s and 30’s, against the imperialism of Mussolini and the Italian army. Despite the challenge of overcoming the fascist Italian war machine with only faith and wisdom, the Muslims led by Mukhtar maintained their resistance and refused to be conquered. This new edition has digitally improved and remastered picture and sound, contains the entire wide screen picture of the original film. Ages 12 to Adult.
[ MP4 / 1.2GB ]

[Format: Avi/Divx]-[Size: 700mb]-[Length: 2hr36min]


Lion of Ain Jalut - Egyptian Mamluks vs Mongols

Fine Media Group

Taking you back in history to the 13th century, this remarkable true story recounts the saga of one man and one nation that overcame staggering odds to render a permanent mark both in the history of the world and the hearts of mankind! The story takes place in the Near East, where the notorious Mongol warriors threatened the Muslim Empire. Amidst the menacing threat, a legend that came to be known as Seifuddin Qutoz was born. Royal at birth, he was captured in route to safe harbor from the brutal Mongols. From the shackles of slavery, Qutoz emerged as Commander of the Muslim army that confronted the advancing Mongol warriors. The story culminates with the legendary battle in the Palestinian city of Ain Jaloot in 1260 AD. The Muslim's bold defeat of Hulago Khan (heir to Genghis Khan) ultimately protected the Holy City of Jerusalem from their savage pillaging. As commander of the army that freed the world from the grip of terror that reigned in the land, it was the show of strength, bravery and faith that earned Qutoz the title "Lion of Ain Jallot. This stunningly animated emotionally charge movie is a video your family can enjoy over and over again!

This isnt far of from the quality of the actual dvd.

Length: 1hr04min
Technical Specs 

Total Size: 449.70 MB------------- Download
Total Streams: 2 Stream(s)
Source - Dvd Pal
Video Bitrate: 851 KB/s
Video Codec: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Resolution: 512 x 384
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Framerate: 25 FPS (96264 Frames)
Quality Factor: 0.173 B/px
Audio Bitrate: 128 KB/s (CBR)
Audio Codec: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Channels: 2 Ch @ Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz

Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih

This is a story that should be told to every young child, obviously after telling the stories of the Final Messenger & his companions.This is a real life story of a great leader of the Muslim ummah, who came to rule a vast Islamic empire (khilafah) at the young age of 22. He is recognised for Conquering Constantinople and freeing its Christian subjects, from an oppressive king who lived a lavish life style on the taxes of his subjects while people were left begging on the streets of this great city, which is presently known as Istanbul.

Historical cartoon of the conquering of the Christian capital of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih. Constantinople is now Istanbul the capital of Turkey. Visit for more videos like this.

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Prophet Yusuf (alae salam)

File: Avi/Divx
Size: 571mb
Length: 34min57sec

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 The Holy Saint Mary


NOTE: The Movie Maryam is Made by Shia media, So respective Sunni peoples Please be carefull of their other deviant media. I pray to Allah to keep us on siraate mustaqeem


  1. The Boy & The King - The Story Of Obaid is so awesome....... a must watch... m gonna keep it in my pc forever....

  2. Hmmmm i downloaded that movie 1year bfore and look how fool i am,I still dint saw that movie while downloading i have decided to watch with my my big bro and sis,well right now im downloading lion ain jalut movie inshaALLAH will watch both movies and then i will comment.

  3. from the movie "the boy and the king" heart touching song, download link


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  6. o boy o boy i cant beleive this much of huge collection of movies and no visitors comment here...

  7. The film uploaded was really good,,thank the way,is there any other movies that can be uploaded such as al-walid's movie?

  8. masha allah its very useful for children ,so many cartoons story (eg: ramyana,poga channels ) its like. but muslim parents show this kind muslim animation movies very useful for our chidren,
    indain leader Tippu sultan,sha walliyulla ,slahuddin ayyubi., many peoples wanted this much of person

  9. Alhamdullilah, all these movies are amazingly good. I was always concerned when my kids used to watch television, they had access to certain channels only but my constant struggle was to guide them an explain them things on TV and i used to get mentally stressed however i decided to disconnect the cable but there wasn't any substitute for them to watch educational cartoons or animated movies.
    Alhamdullilah when we give up things for the sake of Allah, Allah(swt) replaces it with something better and now my kids just enjoy watching Islamic movies and they look up to our hero's (Abu Hamza, Khalid bin Walid, Umar bin khattab, seiffuddin qutos, an so on.)
    As parents its not only our responsibility to give our kids worldly education but creating an Islamic environment at home also makes huge difference, teaching kids from the stories of Quran & Hedeeth is very important to make them firm in deen.
    Once we achieve this level of Takwa in our kids, their conscious(and by the will of Allah) wont allow them to get influenced looking at the world.

  10. How can i download these movies in urdu or hindi .?

  11. was very dissapointed with the boy and the king. full of crap music with guitar backing tracks that are twice as loud as the dialogue. very disspointing. i bought it on dvd, recommended by the shop keeper. i wanted to give my daughter a halal alternative to things like ice age and this is worse. big three minute long pieces of music which are totally unnecessary.

  12. hope u might l ike this

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  17. Great to watch these movies its always new for me whenever i watched it . learning quran online

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  18. great to watch these movies;but it should b in urdu also so that children could also understand